Kristie & Kieran Married at the beach • Stone Harbor Women’s Civic Club

Kristie and Kieran may have been the most relaxed easy going bride and groom this year. I guess a living in California making your own brand of wine helps that! (I don’t drink on the job, but I had to have a taste and it was delicious). They were my kind of bride and groom. Beach wedding – check. Relaxed, fun, casual and emotional wedding ceremony – check. Tastykakes, Yuengling and a roast pig at the reception – check. Surrounded by lots of family and friends that were there to see them finally get married and celebrate with them – check.
Special thanks to my second shooter Karin Belgrave!



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Jaime & Ryan Married • Backyard Wedding Vineland, NJ

Jaime and Ryan had an awesome laid back family style wedding on a beautiful, sunny fall October day. They did most of the work preparing for the wedding themselves with a lot of help from the family. After the ceremony we were able to drive down to the local park had a chance to walk around and take lots of photos. I’m told the party went on well into the night with many games of corn hole played.

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Kim & Dexter Married at The Channel Club in Monmouth Beach, NJ

Kim and Dexter got married at the Channel Club in Monmouth Beach, NJ back on June 12. With a little luck, the rain held off for their ceremony on the dock. We were able to get aboard a yacht docked at the club for a few photos after the ceremony – so a big thank you to the owners of the “Katie J”. Also thanks to my second shooter Adam Jones and my fiance for not killing me for working on her birthday!